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Coastal Landscaping Healthy Lawn Programs

Elite Program includes Insectide Treatment, up to three Fungus/Disease Prevention Treatments, Premium Seeding, Core Aeration, plus all of the Deluxe Program treatments.

Healthy Lawn Program Early Spring:  fertilize, crabgrass pre-emergent and weed control; Late Spring: fertilize and weed control as needed ; Early Summer: fertilize and weed control as needed; Early Fall: fertilize and weed control as needed; and Late Fall: fertilize and apply lime. (Billed in 5 installments: April - August)

Insecticide Treatment is an intricate part of your healthy lawn program to prevent possible infestation.

Fungus/Disease Treatment fungus and disease are best controlled by applying preventative fungicide in June, July and August. Coastal Landscaping recommends this three step treatment for prevention.

Core Aeration is most important for your lawn and highly recommended. Aeration helps control thatch, improves soil structure and creates growth pockets for roots while allowing water and fertilizer to enter the root zone.

Seeding is needed to rejuvenate your lawn after summer stress, disease or when insect damage has thinned your lawn.  Basic Seeding is the more economical methods which includes core aeration and seeding.  Premium seeding provides better results, combining core aeration with a machine slit seeding process to insure seed to soil contact, which results in better germination.

Outdoor Lighting can take your landscaping from pretty to WOW! Details here.

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